Septile aspect astrology

For instance, two planets may be conjunct and both may be opposite and third. But say these three are square to a fourth. This is then an aspect pattern involving almost half the planets and is a focal point of the chart. There are names for certain patterns. There is also a Grand Cross with two pairs of oppositions at right angles square to one another. An equilateral triangle is called a Grand Trine.

Always look at the faster planet in relation to the slower one. The Moon is closest to earth and is thus the fastest of the heavenly bodies from our perspective. Another way of looking at aspects is to see if they occur in the first half of the phase relationship between the planets or in the second half. When a faster moving planet passes a slower moving planet, they are conjunct.

When the faster one gets halfway around the circle from the slower one, they are opposite. You are already familiar with the waxing and waning Moon. From the New Moon conjunction of the Moon to the Sun to the Full Moon opposition of the Moon to the Sun is the waxing phase, where the Moon appears to grow bigger and bigger.

From the Full Moon back to the next New Moon is the waning phase, where the Moon appears to contract in size. Any pair of planets can be considered in a similar fashion, although neither appears to change in size the way the Moon does in this example. On an interpretation level, we say that the energy exchange between the planets is slightly different in the waxing phase versus the waning phase. There is a more subconscious or instinctual component to the waxing phase and a more conscious or informed component to the waning phase, since the opposition which divides the phases is thought to bring awareness or objectivity.

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Or we might say, the energy is increasing or growing during the waxing phase and decreasing or declining when waning. Usually when astrologers discuss aspects between planets, they are referring to the spatial relationships as viewed from earth since that is where we live. These are technically known as geocentric aspects. There is also such a thing as heliocentric positions of the planets and hence heliocentric aspects.

This would be as viewed from the true center of our solar system, the Sun. Some astrologers like to look at the heliocentric positions in addition to the geocentric ones. In interpreting the heliocentric positions, it is thought they represent interactions with the larger world or a bigger scope of reference than geocentric, which might be more individual or personal in meaning. See The Mountain Astrologer , Issue 87, p.

Minor Aspects: Part One

Speaking of things other than personal and individual, did you know not only humans have horoscope charts? Anything that has a beginning point in time can be charted. For instance, if there is a potential in the natal chart for difficulty with finances perhaps a square from Venus, ruling money matters, to Saturn, indicating hardship or a lack , it is most likely to manifest when there is a transiting aspect to this natal pattern, say when the position of Uranus meaning surprises becomes opposite to the position of either Venus or Saturn.

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Ai yai yaiii I should have been paying more attention to this aspect. I was for awhile, but apparently, I got sidetracked. I have a stellium in Cancer and two of the three planets are in that range, and the third is just past Hi Karen - This will certainly work on your Cancer energies and move them in significant directions. Sometimes we do get to cut loose from the control of the rational mind, and move into our greater destiny without necessarily being aware that we're doing it. A quick reference for everyone with Cancer planets: Early Cancer septiles points in mid-Taurus and late Leo, quintiles points in mid and late Aries and mid-Virgo.

Mid Cancer septiles points in late Taurus and early Virgo, quintiles points in late Aries, early Taurus, and late Virgo.

Kim Marie Weimer – URANUS BI-SEPTILE PLUTO (Part 1)

Late Cancer septiles points in early Gemini and mid-Virgo, quintiles points in early and mid-Taurus and early Libra. Posted by: Robert July 23, at PM. I love the way you've thought of and described the 5 series I think Saturn and my Vesta are quintile also I still haven't figured exactly how these relate to my quintessence--very hard to do that for oneself, though I am a writer and Venus, Mrc, GC do fall in my 3rd. I'm currently undergoing Pluto conjunct my Venus at 26 Sag, and am thoroughly enjoying all the discussion about the galactic center.

It just occured to me while reading, that Pluto is also currently quintile my Asc at 14 Libra, and most things in my life seem business as usual, though my writing has amped up and have published a fair deal this year. I am very sensitive to the intense vibes of the times, if nothing else. Posted by: Jennifer December 28, at AM. Hi Jennifer - Thanks for your praise of the site. Hang in there with the rising tide in you re: publishing.

Septile series « Alice Portman, Astrologer

You are gifted in many ways, so from one writer to another, enjoy the journey of discovery. Posted by: Robert December 31, at AM. Is there a free calcaulation software for these aspects: quad-novile tri-septile tri-octile tri-decile bi-septile ni-novile septile novile dectile. Posted by: Connie December 26, at AM. Hi Connie - No free software that I know of, but yes to paid software, though you must program the orbs.

I would suggest you learn the angular values and teach yourself how to spot them by eye. Very good for the brain. Not to sound too crusty, but I have specialized in minor aspect analysis for over 35 years, and in my opinion most astrologers don't use these aspects as they know little to nothing about how they work. Much of what is written is hectic speculation not based in any sound reasoning, and many interpretations are just plain wrong. My first book in now out of print had a chapter on the meanings of the septile and novile series aspects along with the appropriate glyphs, and even Rudhyar personally asked me for a copy.

As far as I know, you'll get more possible interpretations from this site than anywhere else I've found, and that includes the decile, tredecile, and biquintile, whose glyphs are in "The A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator" by Llewellyn George. Posted by: Robert December 28, at AM. I would love to read - as I think many of your readers - your similar analysis of the novile aspects on this site since your book on the subject is out of print. The astrological software package I use, while quite good, unfortunately does not include noviles, biseptiles and triseptiles it will recognize the septile though.

To add further insult to injury, the programers designed the quincunx aspect with a very high orb that encapsulates the triseptile range. Posted by: Matt September 03, at PM. Hi Matt - Will try to make a project of republishing what I wrote on the noviles. It may take awhile.

Yes, unfortunately many give the quincunx too wide an orb. I give it 2 degrees max. Posted by: Robert September 03, at PM. I've been recently quite intrigued with the 7th Harmonic series, also the 5th H. I, too, would be interested in reading your info on the 9th H. Hi Mark - Well, my first book where I wrote about these is not so long out of print I doubt there is one to be found anywhere.

But I will try to make a rewritten version available through this site in Posted by: Robert December 03, at PM. Hi Robert, Thank you so much for linking back to this particular article; it is a great help! Thank you, K. Posted by: K. December 13, at AM. Posted by: valerie moss December 19, at AM.

Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will. Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina. Aum and blessings! I need to go back and look now to see if I have any quintiles or septiles. Hi Robert, I love the way you've thought of and described the 5 series Am looking forward to continuing to read-- what a treasure this site is!!! Is there a free calcaulation software for these aspects: quad-novile tri-septile tri-octile tri-decile bi-septile ni-novile septile novile dectile Is there a paid software?

Hi Robert - I would love to read - as I think many of your readers - your similar analysis of the novile aspects on this site since your book on the subject is out of print. Thanks, Matt. Robert, I've been recently quite intrigued with the 7th Harmonic series, also the 5th H.