Leo moon horoscope

With your ruling planet retrograde it could be a tricky time to navigate in your social circle yet hang in there.

Moon in Leo

Social butterfly Libra, Leo governs the area of your horoscope connected to groups and networking. It could now be time to connect and bring together the individuals you adore. Manifest a circle of friends — it could be the start of something magnificent!

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For Scorpio, Leo governs the area of your horoscope pertaining to career, your public role or reputation and the nature of your vocation. A brand new adventure could already be locked in, Sagg, or you could be poised to embark! So, what are you waiting for? From property deeds and inheritance monies, to taxes outstanding, contracts, commitments and all manner of property or shared assets in mind, you could be ruminating on important matters.

Look towards the one you love this new moon, Aquarius, for the new moon appears in your partnership zone.

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A new job? A new routine? A new set of habits to be proud of Pisces? All these are distinct possibilities, as the new moon resets your agenda in your zone of everyday matters and work-life.

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If you need assistance now is the time to put in a request to the universe; help could be on its way to you. This is also an incredible time to start off on the right foot for health and wellness, implementing a new regime or diet! Much like the moon waxes and wanes, reveals and hides itself, the lunar cycles can also affect how much we share or show. Your moon sign can reveal how and who you love, or what you need to feel emotionally secure. It also plays a major role in romantic compatibility , revealing how harmonious your dynamic will be.

They love to shine, and the limelight loves them for being so proud, bold and forthcoming with their delivery and flair. Much like the Leo Sun sign which is symbolized by the Lion , a Leo moon sign has gotta roar, too! Yet, once the Leo moon sign gets their head out from their you-know-where, they are the most powerfully self-expressed and self-loving people around.

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Nothing wrong with that kind of savannah pride! In Astrology, the Moon is considered a planet -- the fastest moving one at that!

Because it moves so quickly, it passes through each of the zodiac signs every month. You might be a Leo Moon sign! Regardless of what your Moon sign is, a couple days each month we all feel the influence of the Leo Moon. When the Moon is moving through Leo, regardless of how you normally feel, you will have a stronger desire to let others how you feel. If you are a bit more sensitive and vulnerable during this transit, ask those around you for the reassurance you crave. Leo is a sign of ideas and a sign of expressing yourself.

It could also be a time of getting out and socializing so that you can "perform" for others.